About Us

Shaw Holdings is a digital investment firm that provides strategic and cutting-edge solutions for every entity, business and subsidiary under its corporation. The organisation aims to create and expand businesses in different industries globally while aspiring leaders to be ahead of the curve.

Headquartered in Singapore, our entities from a diverse range of industries are well-equipped with the expertise to maximise growth and profitability, while optimising the operations. We excel in leveraging entrepreneurial-minded talents to the growth of every entity. Above all, we are committed to being the best in what we do while upholding the highest levels of integrity and responsibility of business practices.

Our Vision

We strive to be the established market leader in global asset management, encompassed with top-notch knowledge-based solutions in our subsidiaries.

Our Mission

We aim at expanding businesses in different industries, nationally and internationally, built on our strategic business direction and highly efficient operations system.

Our Core Values

Our values are our DNA, defining who we are and what we do as game changers. They serve to guide us in our day-to-day decision-making, as we face new challenges and achieve new goals.


We believe in upholding the highest levels of integrity and remaining committed to ethical and responsible business practices.


We value and respect the rich diversity and complexity of the multicultural backgrounds of our clients. We treat everyone with honesty and fairness.


We believe that working with talents of different backgrounds and cultures requires good collaboration and trust. We nurture success by building a safe environment, of sharing and mutual respect.


We are committed to being the best in what we do and delivering the best values for our clients.